Friday, June 14, 2013

Gingham Mosaic

The other day, I mentioned trying out a new idea, in gingham and white (my Flying Geese Circle). I've been collecting ideas for designs that would look great in gingham. (Already have ooodles of quilt-y inspiration on my Pinterest Quilt/Sewing Ideas board ... and my Pinterest "Likes")

My oldest daughter suggested that I try making some sort of sampler quilt top. Great idea! Something where every block is different, and I get to pick what to make. And I get to try out some new techniques, and make some old techniques look awesome in gingham and white. Super!

So, this mosaic look is an idea I've been wanting to try. Kind of a stained-glass, crazy-quilt, made-fabric sort of thing. It's like what some blogs call "Mod Mosaic" (though I'm not sure whether I used the same exact process, because I didn't download the Mod Mosaic tutorial.) 

I had a lot of fun with this. It's sort of random and mosaic-y and colorful and a little weird. It still looks a little messy in the picture below, because I haven't trimmed the edges, but this thing measures nearly 13" square, so I'll probably trim it to 12" or so. And add some white around it. Fun! I like it.

Stay tuned for upcoming adventures with gingham. 

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