Friday, May 24, 2013

Vintage-Sheet Kaleidoscopes

In addition to the vintage sheet I found at the thrift store for my last project, I found this one ... Same pattern in a different color scheme. Different day, same store. (What are the chances?)

Vintage Sheet - spring roses

This is the exact same kind of sheet that my grandmother always kept on her guest bed. The sheets we used when we were there. 

ProsperityStuff pieced backing vintage sheet

In a couple of recent posts, I showed bits of this project ... (here and here).

ProsperityStuff Vintage Sheet stacked posies

I made 4-patch kaleidoscopes ("stacked posies") for the quilt top. I love the look of quilt-y kaleidoscopes!

ProsperityStuff Vintage Sheet Quilt Top

I had another white sheet which became the alternate squares.

ProsperityStuff Vintage Sheet Quilt Stacked Posy

Since my grandmother had these exact sheets, it was such fun to work with something so familiar and cheery.

ProsperityStuff Vintage Sheet Quilt Top Kaleidoscope

For the back, I used another piece of sheet, with some of the oxford squares I've been working on.

ProsperityStuff Vintage Sheet Quilt Top Kaleidoscope

I love all the cheery, light, summery colors!

ProsperityStuff Floral Sheet Quilt Kaleidoscope Closeup

I quilted it with my favorite kind of free-motion "doodling" all over.

ProsperityStuff Floral Sheet Quilt free motion

I'm fascinated by the styles and techniques of quilting that can be done with a regular sewing machine. My skills at free-motion quilting are pretty basic, but I'm impressed by the kinds of ideas that I find online, especially The Free Motion Project and Crazy Mom Quilts

ProsperityStuff Floral Sheet Quilt free motion closeup

I made this little quilt for my mom for Mother's Day (one reason why I only put sneak peeks on the blog beforehand.)

ProsperityStuff Vintage Sheet 4-Patch Kaleidoscope

I figured she'd recognize the sheets that matched her mom's sheets, and she did.

ProsperityStuff Vintage Sheet quilt back, quilted

The little oxford squares gave a little interest to the back, in (mostly) matching colors. (I included purple squares, to round out the color "rainbow", even though there's no other purple in the quilt.)

ProsperityStuff Vintage Sheet quilt back

The quilt is square, fifty-something inches, a nice summery throw-sized quilt, and I had a lot of fun working on it.

ProsperityStuff Vintage Sheet Kaleidoscope Quilt

Since this is a finished project, I'll be linking this post to this week's Finish It Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts, and I'm looking forward to seeing what other quilters have been finishing there.


  1. It`s just beautiful.Love it!!

  2. This quilt is so charming and sweet. Nice work.

  3. What a nice find with the sheets. The kaleidoscopes are a very clever idea. Your quilting looks great. It's beautiful. I'm sure your mom loves it!

  4. Very nice fussy cutting and complimentary solid squares on the back. Love how this turned out, and that you used vintage sheets. Great finish!

  5. Beautiful! and what a nice reminder of your Grandma. Looks like the perfect kind of quilt to curl up with a good book on a Sunday afternoon. I'm sure your mom is loving it.

  6. Love the vintage fabric! We are your newest blog followers. Do us the favor and join our blog members as our newest follower! Thanks!

    Anna and Sarah


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