Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pink Ferris Wheel Dolly Quilt

So, this was one of the intro pics on Monday's post ...

Here's the rest of the story ...

I made this dolly quilt for a little girl who's about to be a big sister - since I was giving her mom a quilt for her new baby, I figured big sister might need something for her babies.

I'd been wanting to try my hand at incorporating some hearts into my free-motion quilting, and this tiny quilt (around 18" square) was just the project for hearts.

Actually, I was just going to add occasional hearts to the loopy free motion on the background (which I did), but I was impressed at how well the ferris wheel lent itself to a hearts & loops design.

The quilting was fun, and this tiny project was satisfyingly quick (and adorable!)

The back of the mini-quilt is made from some of the oxford-cloth fabrics I mentioned in a post last week.

(Speaking of which, I'm planning to post some more about my next oxford-cloth quilty project soon, so stay tuned!)

And if this design looks familiar, the little bit of English Paper Piecing is like the (bigger) piece I blogged about here and made into another friend's baby quilt here.

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  1. Nice quilting. Such a great idea to give a doll quilt to a new big sister. What little girl doesn't take care of her baby while Mom takes care of her's.


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