Friday, February 15, 2013

Oxford Shirt fabric - ready to sew

For quite a while, I've been saving oxford-cloth shirts that I find at thrift stores - not putting them in with all the other shirts I cut up, saving them for something special. Oh, and occasionally I come across a great deal on a piece of oxford cloth that's not a shirt, and I like that, too. 

I'm still not exactly sure what I've been saving them for, but I'm getting started: I've been cutting squares - big, and medium, and little, and tiny.

So far, I've got dozens of 10.5" squares, dozens of 6.5" squares, dozens of 4.5" squares, and a TON of 2.5" squares. (Oh, and lots of little skinny pieces for the next time I'm making quilty letters.)

I'm loving the process, even though I'm still brainstorming ideas for what I'm actually making!

This bag jam-packed with squares-ready-to-sew makes me smile!

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