Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snowball Corners - Picture Tutorial

Lately, I've had a lot of fun with "snowball corners". 

ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners from dress shirts

For some reason (or no reason?), I don't usually do them the normal way (with four triangles) ... but they look good with only a corner or two ... In my Shirts Quilt Top, the "plain blocks" (between the nine-patches) have two snowball corners each; in the Boys' Window Quilt, I've got blocks with just one snowball corner each.

ProsperityStuff Dress Shirt Quilt Top in progress ProsperityStuff Window Quilt with Snowball Corners

Here's a quick pictorial how-to on the snowball corners... 

Instead of cutting and sewing a triangle to each corner, I like to use a small square, and sew it to the corner of the main block.

ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners Tutorial - Sew 

Then turn the "corner" back on itself and press.

  ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners Tutorial - Turn  ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners Tutorial - Turning  

ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners Tutorial - Turned ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners Tutorial - Press

Flip the piece over, and, looking at the piece from the back, see if the new corner sticks out past the main block piece. If necessary, trim the new corner even with the main block. (Front view below left, then back views, and a final view from the front.) 

ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners Tutorial - Pressed ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners Tutorial - Back View before trim

ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners Tutorial - trim ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners Tutorial - trimmed

ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners Tutorial - trimming, cont'd ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners Tutorial - front

Then, it's time to trim a couple of layers off the back of the new corner. The bottom-right picture is the back of the block after trimming ...

ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners Tutorial - final trimming ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners Tutorial - final trimming

 ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners Tutorial - finally trimmed - back view

Repeat several times, and the result is nice stacks of these ...

ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners made from dress shirts ProsperityStuff Snowball Corners from recycled shirts

And since many of my favorite fabric designers make shirts, all these snowball corners are made from thrift-store shirts I've cut into usable fabric ... 

I was planning to link this post to this week's Try It On Tuesday at a favorite blog - Jo's Country Junction. Looks like she's not doing link-ups yet today - but there's an interesting post there anyway! (Side note - there's often a Tuesday giveaway at Jo's Country Junction, and it's always fun to see what Jo and others are trying on Tuesdays!)

I am linking this post to this week's Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story's blog.

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