Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More "Round" Blue English Paper Piecing

Last week, I blogged about my "round" blue English Paper Piecing. (See post here.)
I've made a lot of progress since then.

It's a little hard to tell at this point, but all the big hexagons and little triangles are made from varying shades of the same print. In my other "round" EPP, I used the exact same fabric for all the big hexagons and little triangles. Neat how different the same design looks in a different color scheme.

I'm enjoying the cute variety of blues and grays in the squares. Some are fabrics I had on hand, some are fabrics I purchased for this project.

I especially like the little tractors ...

As it turns out, I've got TWO nephews due this summer ... and I'm thinkin' they might both get baby quilts made something like this. Unless I come up with a more-favorite idea. 
Stay tuned ...

1 comment:

  1. wow, those are gorgeous! I've never seen anything like that. Is that your pattern? Just beautiful


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