Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Calla Lily!

Look what I discovered in my flowerbed this week!
I'm delighted! 

Honestly, I had no idea I was growing Calla Lilies ... but I think this is awesome!
Just the one. 
There are only a few leaves on this plant, but it looks like I'll get at least one more bloom.

I discovered it hiding among the already-bloomed purple irises and the not-yet-bloomed red cannas.

So, the mystery is: 
Did I dig it up out of my woods along with the irises I knew I was getting?
Did my neighbor give it to me with the clumps of irises and cannas she gave me last year?
Probably the latter.  

Last year, my lovely neighbor asked me if I wanted any more flowers. Of course, I said yes. (The more, the better, right?!) So, the next time she was dividing her plants, she gave me some. They were all just leaves and roots at the time, but she cheerfully explained that this was a lily, and this was a different kind of lily, and this was a lily also ... Sounded great to me, so I planted them. 

So glad I did!

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