Friday, April 6, 2012

New Kaledoscopes finished!

A couple of months ago, I mentioned working on some layouts for some Kaleidoscopes I'd been working on. This week, I got the quilt top finished! This is a bigger quilt top; full size, actually - it measures 76" x 90".

There are a lot of things I love about this kind of kaleidoscope ... 
One thing I love is the circular look of the design, even though this is all straight seams ...

I really like the extra detail the little square kaleidoscopes give at the ends of this quilt top ...

And I love the fact that all the kaleidoscopes are made from the same print! 
When I can, I like to border my kaleidoscopes with an uncut piece of the same fabric ...

It's a great thing when the plan/sketch/penciled-pattern comes together into something I like!

I've had fun putting this quilt top together, and I'll be listing it on eBay or Etsy soon, so that somebody can have fun quilting it! 

It's always nice to get things finished up - and it's fun to see things that others have been finishing this week, too ~ so I'll be linking this post to a couple of my favorite link parties:



  1. That looks great! The layout came out awesome. And you got the look of tricky round seams without the tricky; nice.

  2. Great quilt! Way to go dealing with all those stretchy cuts.

  3. Very pretty! I like the little squares, too.


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