Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Jeans

Since jeans quilts are so fun, and I just can't help myself, I've started another one! 
The green one is still in progress, but yes, this is another one.

I've had a stack of black jeans and white jeans for a while, waiting for the perfect project. Some sort of bluejeans quilt, with a twist.

I thought about a barcode quilt (saw one here; way cool), but wasn't ready to try that one. Even though there are barcode-generating websites. Even though you can type words or a web address and it will generate a barcode (that a smartphone can scan!). Even though I went to this website and generated this code, which is the web address for my blog:

So, yeah. Might have to try that sometime in quilt form. So people can scan the quilt with their smartphones. Or whatever. 

But not right now. I wanted to make a jeans quilt, and couldn't figure out what I really wanted to make.

My husband had the perfect inspiration a couple weeks ago: he asked if it would be possible to make a jeans quilt with a Carolina Panthers logo sewn into it. Genius! 

Yes. I could make that happen.

Perfect idea! So, I took the idea and I'm running with it.

This is going to be fun. Already is, in fact.
Fun fact: I discovered that the Carolina Panthers just introduced a new, updated logo. (Who knew? I hadn't noticed yet. But sure enough ...) 

Here's my rendition ... the teal and the white, to be put onto a black jeans background.
The big one is the actual size my panther will be, about 40" wide.

Right now, I'm at the stage where I've traced and cut and ironed Heat'n'Bond pieces on my fabrics, so they're ready to iron on to the black jeans background. Then I'm going to sew the edges of the appliques down securely. I briefly considered trying to stitch all the teal stuff and white stuff into the black jeans, patchwork style, instead of applique. Briefly. 

So, sometime soon, I'm planning to iron these on, then sew them on, then add the rest of the jeans around the Carolina centerpiece ... It's been fun. 'Round here, we'll enjoy a Carolina Panthers jeans quilt. Not to be confused with the OTHER Carolina Panthers quilt, which is also still in progress. :-)

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