Friday, March 2, 2012

Green Jeans

After making a bunch of blue jeans quilts, I wanted to try a jeans quilt that's a different kind of unique.

Of course, that meant I had to try a green jeans quilt. Here it is, in the works ...

I was pleased to find a few pairs of thrift store jeans in a variety of greens ... but of course, they were mostly deep greens and olive greens ...

So I decided I should try to brighten the greenness with some lighter colors. Not finding any bright or light green jeans in a short time frame, I thought I'd try something different: Why not dye some white or khaki jeans? 

I did. I dyed a white pair and a khaki pair of jeans with Kelly Green dye, and I dyed a white pair and an olive pair of jeans with Dark Green dye. The jeans turned out neither kelly green nor dark green, but that's OK: I got two or three shades of green that I didn't have before, and that was the point!

That gave me quite a variety of greens. (Maybe too much variety? I'm still deciding.)

So, it's a work in progress. I alternated 13" whole squares with 13" pieced squares. I've got them sewn into rows, and I hope to get the rows all stitched together soon.

I'm still deciding whether this is too much green. We shall see. (It may depend on whether I back the quilt with fleece or with that super-fuzzy-furry light green blanket I saw at Wal-Mart ... still considering my options.)

Anyhoo ... I LOVE this particular green in the picture below. It's one of the dyed-by-me greens, which is pretty cool.

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