Monday, March 12, 2012

Embellished Pot Holders

A while back, I started my very tiny hexagons ...
(Remember these?)

I thought they might be cute made into tiny Christmas ornaments, but I wasn't sure if that's what these were for. Then, my husband pointed out how nice it would be to put these onto something that we'd be able to see more often than just a few weeks a year. Good point.

So, I kept thinking. And occasionally making another little batch of hexagons.

I tried a mini-wallhanging idea, but I wasn't that impressed with it.

The other day, it hit me: I had some plain, storebought pot holders that I could really use in my kitchen, especially if they got some cute quilt-y embellishments on them.

And so, my kitchen is now glad to have quilt-y embellished pot holders!

The beige pot holders are the perfect color to be practical in the kitchen ... and the tiny embellishments are just enough color, but not so much quilt that I'll be afraid to use the pot holders.

I don't know if I'll make pot holders with all my mini-hexagons, but this is a great start!

And, the great thing about these pot holders is ... They make me smile! (Not just any pot holder can do that!)

And, next time I need a quick gift, I now know that an inexpensive storebought pot holder looks great dressed up with a little embellishment!

Now, I'm thinking about all that extra denim I've got, and those crocheted potholder-backs that have been sitting around for ages ... You know, plain denim with tiny hexagons would be great sewn to those potholder backs! So would khaki denim! 


  1. Super cute! I used a hexie flower about that size to cover a stain on one of my daughter's shirts :-)

  2. those are so darn cute! I would never have thought I would fall in love with brownish pot holders, but love is the only word for it. My own pot holders have burned holes (I tend to forget which burners are still hot) I just may have to break down and buy some so I can cute them up!


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