Saturday, March 10, 2012

Daffodils ...

Daffodils have been growing in the woods at the edge of my back yard for ever, I think. From time to time, I remind myself to go dig up some of the great bulbs that insist on growing in the back of the woods, so we can enjoy them in the front flowerbeds.

These daffodils aren't too happy with me right now ... (I took these pictures of the ONE flower that's standing up - the others are laying down in protest), because I transplanted them RIGHT before they bloomed, which, I'm sure, is a big no-no. But, if I don't transplant them when I have the chance, I will FORGET about them, and then I'll LOSE the plants in the woods because their leaves and flowers will be gone. (I know this, because this is the first year I've touched the daffodils & irises that I've seen in my bit of woods.)

SO, I'm pleased that these are now in my flowerbed.

And here's another variety - the much brighter yellow, much tinier little daffodils.

A bit of trivia: Narcissus is the Latin name for the daffodil family of bulbs ... and apparently, dictionaries have at least three accepted plural forms of the word "narcissus". The plural forms I've seen listed are "narcissus", "narcissuses", and "narcissi". (To me, none of those sounds like a usable plural, so, I'm sticking with "daffodils"! Just sayin'.)

Once again, I'm grateful for the seasons God gives us to enjoy!

~ * ~
Thou hast set
all the borders
of the earth:
thou hast made
summer and winter.
Psalm 74:17
~ * ~

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