Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blue Yo-yo Bits ...

Not long ago, I mentioned my quilty yo-yos in all different colors. I also mentioned that I was working on some blue ones.

When I started these, I was going to use them single-file on a wide border of a small project that never took off ... so, they're sewn in little rows of 3. Now that I'm thinking about sewing tons of them together, I'm thinking I might not want them looking this organized ... but when I get a few more blue yo-yos made, I can figure out whether or not to disassemble my little rows of 3 ...

I could add these to my random yo-yo stack, but I'm liking the just-blue look. Maybe it's to balance out the uncharacteristic randomness of the other yo-yo project, but I'm thinking it'll be fun to ALSO work on a mostly-blue yo-yo quilt.

So, here's a question for my fellow-quilters: How do you like yo-yo quilts assembled? 
  • JUST the yo-yos sewn to each other, as a "coverlet"?
  • The yo-yos stitched to something lightweight, like a sheet, to give it some stability?
  • Yo-yos assembled and sewn onto a "traditional" quilt with batting?
  • Something different, like yo-yos stitched onto fleece?
I realize that the possibilities are endless, so I'd love to hear from some folks who've made yo-yo quilts (or loved yo-yo quilts!), to give me ideas as I consider what to look toward in a finished product.


  1. I love the look of yo-yos sewn together as a coverlet. But when i think about it, the sheets underneath could have real clash potential. But just think of all the ironing you could skip... A yo-yo quilt is on my someday quilt. I'll have to keeping checking in to see how your's goes.

  2. I have never made a yo yo quilt, but the ones I have seen have just been sewn together as a coverlet. I think that they are nice that way


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