Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"A Year In Denim" Mini Rag Quilt

years, I've been wanting to make something quilty that's "Block of the Month". Not in the sense that somebody sends me something to work on once a month. More in the sense of "reminds you of a calendar", with a block to represent each month.

I've got doodles on graph paper with cute layouts for elaborate pieced blocks for a really big quilt. I've got some of the parts cut for some of the months. But there are still a lot of missing pieces to that puzzle, so I haven't really "started" that one. 

While I was playing with some of my latest thrift-store denim, it hit me: A MINI-QUILT would be a great way to try some block of the month ideas AND a great way to try out the raw-edge-applique techniques I keep reading about in other people's blogs. Quick project, new techniques: win-win!

Here's a quick run-down of the process:
I drew the cute little shapes on the paper-side of Heat n Bond Lite. (Awesome stuff. Haven't tried anything like this lately. Works like a charm.)

I cut out my little shapes out of Heat n Bond Lite, and picked cute fabrics to go with them ...

I ironed all those little Heat n Bond Lite pieces to my cute fabrics (and wondered what in the world I was getting myself into with all those tiny little pieces!) ...

Then I cut out all those little pieces (trimming the fabric to match the ironed-on paper-stuff) ...

And then I was floored by the cuteness ...

Then I ironed all those pieces onto my denim squares (which, for size-reference, were cut at 5 ½ inches). Yes, I did have to number my denim with chalk, so that I could figure out some lighter/darker balance in the denim colors ... AND to prevent myself from accidentally sewing the months out of order ...

I decided to sew the blocks together rag-quilt style, with the seam allowances showing, and with the seam allowances clipped, just to see how the raggedy look would work. Not bad! I like it.

I'm hard-pressed to pick a favorite block ... This thing really turned out cute!

Since this is going in my eBay auctions, my big dilemma after making this quilt was whether to wash it before listing it or not. I usually prewash rag quilts, to start getting the fuzzy raggedyness going ... but I also like the just-clipped-and-brand-new look of the not-yet-washed rag quilt ...

In the end, I decided to wash it. And I'm glad I did. The denim frayed perfectly!
Click here to see this item on eBay ... and I have a feeling I'll be making more of these. 
Oh. I almost forgot to mention the finished size: 18" x 14".

(Speaking of eBay, I happened across a TON of new DMC floss recently, so if you need any, I've got some listed there this week, with FREE shipping!)

I'm linking this post to Pieceful Life's Little Quilt Monday - Thanks again to Elizabeth and friends for the continued inspiration of sharing recent mini quilt projects!

ALSO, Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday is a great, inspiring place, and I'm linking this post there as well. Head on over and see what else is going on at Fabric Tuesday!

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  1. OH my, so cute! What a great idea for a block of the month : ) I am glad you washed it, because the fraying is fabulous. Thank you for linking up to LQM.


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