Friday, November 18, 2011

Quilt Circles ...

I love the fact that quilting gives me chances to make and accomplish things. I also love that quilting gives me the occasional satisfaction of trying (often even succeeding at) something new.

Not too long ago, I tried a new quilt pattern/style for the first time: The "Drunkard's Path" Block. Curved pieces and curved seams have always seemed a little intimidating ... but after watching how "do-able" it seemed in the online tutorials/videos, I figured I should give it a try.

Here are a few of the blocks I put together, just laid out on the table:

ProsperityStuff Circle Quilt Drunkard's Path blocks

When I started assembling these blocks into circles, my youngest son declared that "They look like moons!" Which is true. So this one got dubbed "Harvest Moons".

ProsperityStuff Circle Quilt Drunkard's Path

It turned into a nice-sized quilt top for my eBay listings ...

ProsperityStuff Circle Quilt Harvest Moon

Looking on Google for layout ideas for this block, I found no shortage of ideas ... It's amazing what you can do with that quarter-circle-sewed-into-a-square ...

Here's a totally different layout I tried - The whole center section of this quilt top was made with Drunkard's Path Blocks ... I was pleased with how this little quilt top turned out.
ProsperityStuff Circle Quilt Drunkard's Path Harvest Moon


  1. I like your jeans and fleece quilt. What a great gift idea for a girl. Putting in pieces with pockets is a sweet touch. I've never made a quilt. Do you hand-sew the whole thing? How long does it take you?

  2. Thanks! Mostly ... no, I don't do much hand-sewing on my quilt, because sewing on the sewing machine is so much faster. :-) My blog post on Monday will (briefly) mention hand-sewing ...


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