Friday, November 4, 2011

Patchwork Pumpkins!

Mini-Quilts are fun, and remarkably satisfying to put together. I've been meaning to try making patchwork pumpkins like this for a long time ... each of the little squares in the pumpkin are less than an inch across (finished size).
Pumpkins Mini Quilt
Some day, I'm going to design a "block of the month" quilt, and some kind of patchwork pumpkins will definitely be in there ... for the October or November block ...


  1. Love the pumpkins! I think i just came up with a project for the kids! We will have to give some patchwork pumpkins a try...instead I can have them make pumpkins w scrapbook paper.

  2. Awesome! Scrappy paper pumpkins would be really cute. Fun "mosaic" project for the little people to work on!


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