Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fleece-and-Jeans Quilt

A few years ago, I made a jeans-quilt for my oldest son ... I put it together in a couple months of Sundays (literally) - it was my Sunday-afternoon project, since I "didn't have time" but wanted to get it done.

denim jeans quilt

It's jeans squares on the top, and the backing is a twin-sized fleece blanket. The fleece makes the perfect backing, and it's warm and fuzzy, and there's no need for batting in between the layers!

Ever since then, I've been buying fleece blankets on sale and meaning to get around to making some more denim quilts - So, lately, I'm sewing a lot of plain denim squares and a few flowered denim squares ...

Denim Jeans Quilt Flowers

This one's for my youngest daughter, whose birthday is coming up ... (Shhhhhh ... she doesn't read my blog, although she is learning to read remarkably well ...)

denim jeans quilt roses

I'm loving the cute little details on the denim ... And the kids think that pockets on their quilts are really neat.

denim jeans quilt winnie the pooh

I'm hoping to finish the new jeans quilt soon ... stay tuned ...

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  1. Beautiful, I was thinking about making one too. thanks for an ispiration.


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