Tuesday, May 17, 2016

QR Code Quilt

Why? Because I can. Because I've been fascinated with quilts like this for years. Because stuff-made-from-squares is perfect for patchwork. Because I find quilt inspiration everywhere. Because there are websites to generate QR Codes for just about anything!

Like many of my recent quilts, this one was made from T-Shirt squares ... Small ones, this time (they finish at about 2"). The QR Code is square, and I stitched it to a plush fleece blanket.

I'm just now blogging about it, but this was my brother's Christmas gift. I surprised even myself with the fact that I actually mailed it in time for Christmas.

And, of course, the cat thinks she has to inspect EVERY quilt!

Process was pretty easy ... use a free online QR Code Generator, print the resulting code as your patchwork pattern, and assemble squares ... 

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