Friday, April 29, 2016

Little Quilts ...

Last year, I started sewing some little quilts ... A friend and a relative were expecting baby girls, and I wanted to welcome their babies with quilts.

I started months early, knowing that, since I was expecting my own baby, as well, I better get the gift-sewing done early, or it wouldn't happen.

I got little quilt tops started, using this pattern ... 
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For some reason, once the quilt tops were mostly done, I took a break & didn't work on them.

When my baby was nearly-due, and I needed a project to keep my mind off the "this baby's never coming" thoughts, I finished up these little quilts ... Two baby quilts, and a doll quilt for a toddler-big-sister.

This must've been a good "nesting" project - something I "needed" to finish before having my own baby ... My  little one was born the day after I finished the gift-quilts!

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