Saturday, February 21, 2015

Shirts-and-Jeans Quilt

During the past few months, I've finished several quilts, but I've been short on "blogging time", so, I'll be playing catch-up for a bit, sharing some quilts I've finished lately.

Several weeks ago (see this post), I mentioned the Shirts-and-Jeans quilt that I finished. I've been meaning to add a few more pictures of that quilt.

Lately, I've been blogging from my phone a lot, since blogging from my phone is usually faster. (Snap a pic ... write some words ... press publish -- that works pretty efficiently, and efficiency is key some days!)

In order for my pictures to be "more interesting", I've been trying out the concept of outdoor pictures of quilts.

While I've never been one to take my quilts on field trips, or lay them in the grass/snow/tree ... this one kind of worked.


 The more natural light, the better, right?

I stuck the quilt to the metal shed with super-strong magnets. Like I said, it kind of worked. :-)
(Full disclosure: There was another quilt that did not fare so well, and did not stay up long enough for a pic. So I don't necessarily recommend this method!) 

Shirts and Jeans. A classic combination.
This one's about twin-size ... 65" x 75".
This quilt is for sale on eBay for a little while. 

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