Friday, August 1, 2014

Leaders and Enders Milestone

This week, I reached a milestone on an ongoing project that I started a few years ago ...
In between, and among, other projects, I've been sewing together blue and white squares and rectangles ... (More pictures in previous posts here and here.) 

The milestone: I've got as many squares as I need!

A long time ago (in this post), I mentioned the inspiration and explanation for my Leaders and Enders project ... here's what I said (way back in 2011):

"A few weeks ago, I came across a neat concept at a blog called Jo's Country Junction ~ Her post about Leaders and Enders caught my eye ... and she linked her post to her inspiration at Quiltville ... fascinating stuff.

"Both of the links above have great, lengthy explanations ... but the short version is, if you sew together a couple of tiny squares, in between each seam of what you're really working on, the tiny squares keep you from having all those long threads at each end of what you're really working on. You sew straight from one piece onto another, then afterward, you snip the tiny thread between ... So, what you're really working on gets sewn, and the little squares you're sewing together for something else also get done."

So, my little hand-drawn chart says I need something like 260 blocks ... and this week, I counted them up, and I've got them!

The next step? Trim them all square, and then they'll be ready to assemble! 

I have no idea what I'll do with this quilt when it's done, but it'll end up being about twin-sized, which is a very versatile size, so I'm happy about that.

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