Monday, April 7, 2014

The Latest Guy Quilt: NFL, Quilted with Footballs

This was fun:

ProsperityStuff NFL Teams Quilt

Since my oldest son had a birthday recently, and since I hadn't made him a quilt in years, I needed to make a guy quilt.

ProsperityStuff FMQ FOOTBALLS!

When I had the idea to do something with NFL fabrics, I decided to check eBay for a deal on some team fabrics. I wasn't sure what I would find, but I figured the selection online would be pretty varied. 

ProsperityStuff Free-motion Quilting footballs

Almost right away, I found a set of NFL fabrics on eBay -- precut 4" squares, two from each of the 32 NFL football teams. Perfect. Easy. (A little overpriced, maybe, but where else would I find all 32 fabrics in one place!?)

ProsperityStuff Football NFL Quilt, Irish Chain

Pretty quickly, I decided what to do with 64 squares (+1 extra solid square) -- A basic Single Irish Chain layout. 
Simple. No frills. Guy quilt.

ProsperityStuff Throw Quilt, NFL Fabric & Shirt Fabric

I added a border row above and below, made with shirt-cottons (solids, stripes, plaids) to add some length to make a nice-sized throw quilt. (It's about 55" x 68".)

ProsperityStuff Quilt, NFL football FMQ

The fabric combo turned out nice (brown cotton sheet fabric for the top, and something fuzzy-textured-warm for the backing). My favorite thing is how the quilting turned out.

ProsperityStuff Quilt, made from sheet, shirts, & NFL fabric

Free-motion meander with FOOTBALLS quilted in! This was so fun, and surprisingly, not too complicated.

ProsperityStuff Quilt, starting a free-motion-quilted football

Maybe I'll take some more pics and do a picture tutorial on the FMQ footballs sometime. (I was surprised at how little I found online about how to quilt football designs into a quilt! I found a couple of ways that it works.)

ProsperityStuff Quilt, footballs quilted freehand

Anyway. This was fun. And my son loves it. I'm happy about that.

ProsperityStuff NFL Football Quilt, finished

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