Thursday, April 3, 2014

Playing with Orange Fabric

Every now and then, I find great deals on quilt fabric in unusual places ... 

My kids are amused that sometimes, at the thrift store, when looking at clothing and linens, I don't see shirts and sheets; I see "FABRIC"!

I've mentioned in the past (in one of my all-time-favorite posts) that my "favorite fabric designers" aren't the usual ... and I've made some fun things out of shirts and sheets ... also known as "reclaimed textiles". (For more posts on the subject, see my sidebar labels for Dress Shirt Quilts and Recycled Crafts.)

The bright orange fabric in this post was a 100% cotton sheet, and all the colored fabrics are cut from 100% cotton dress-shirts. 

The nine-patches are still in a stack, awaiting whatever's next.
The triangles have become a little quilt, which I'll be blogging about sometime later on ...

I don't usually work with this much orange -- but so far, I'm liking this orange-plus-solids-and-plaids combo.

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