Friday, November 22, 2013

Baby Girly Quilt ~ with letters, squares, and a bit of custom quilting

Here's a little quilt I recently finished for my newest niece ... 

I mentioned starting a few little quilts in this post last month. This is one of those.

After piecing the front of the quilt, and picking a fabric for the back, I also added some letters to personalize the quilt.

I quilted the middle and the edges with a basic, meandering free-motion design, which is my all-time favorite.

Since I was free-motion-quilting, I decided to try a little something different in the little colored-square border. 

Free-Motion-Quilted flowers and leaves in the squares. I haven't tried this before, but I think it went pretty well for a first try.

(See my Machingers gloves in the picture below? Love them. I may have mentioned that set of quilting tools I got on sale from Leah Day's online store. Really makes quilting easier - especially easier on my hands! Not pictured: the teflon "slider" that's between the quilt and the sewing machine - it makes moving the quilt while quilting SO much easier.)

So, yeah. I like the little custom leaves-and-flowers detail.

For the back, I picked a nifty little waffle-weave fabric I've had in my stash. The colors were great, and the size was perfect.

The flowers and leaves even look good from the back! (If I do say so myself ...)

Cute little baby quilt. For a really cute little baby.

I'm linking this post to this week's Free Motion Friday at Leah Day's blog. It's always neat to get some inspiration and information from the other quilters who post about their latest projects there.


  1. I like your leaves and flowers too!

  2. Oh Holey moley.....I have been wondering about tagging my new Grandsons quilt. His name will go on the back and the date of birth. THEN, I will add the tag. This is a lovely quilt you have made.


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