Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cathedral Window Mini-Quilt - by machine!

Lately, in my ongoing quest to maintain storage-space efficiency, I've been occasionally digging out old projects to finish. Here's one, which I'm pleased to say is now finished!

Years ago, I prepped a mini-cathedral-window quilt, mostly just to see if I could. This was partly because I'd driven past a quilt shop with a display quilt that was made of HUGE cathedral windows. Huge, like at least 16 inches across each window! The whole full-size quilt had about a dozen complete windows. How cool would it be to make one like that? The question was whether or not I could manage cathedral windows. Turns out, I can!

Below is what most of this looked like when I pulled it out a few weeks ago. I'd sewn/pressed/connected the background pieces, and turned-under-edges and fused on the "window" fillings.

At the time I started this, I wanted to see how possible it would be to sew a cathedral window quilt by machine. You know, instead of by hand. 

It's definitely possible. Good to know, since it's definitely faster this way ...

Anyhoo, however-many-years ago, I had prepped the thing, and sewn a few of the couple-dozen "windows", then put it aside. When I got it back out, after a half-dozen years, it was done in an afternoon. (Why do I do that to myself?)

So - it's done!
(For the record, sewing over these layers, the darning foot {below} did not do as good a job as the regular presser foot. Go with a regular presser foot.)

Nifty pattern. First time I've tried cathedral windows. I'm calling it a success.
Here's the back. I think it looks nifty, too.

It's a tiny quilt ... about 22" x 28". 

I made this mini-quilt with leftovers from a set of purple quilt-top-kits I had put together around that time ...

I like this. The whole thing is fabric - no batting. This technique would be great for making a nice, light summery quilt. 

When I get some more projects done, I might have to see about revisiting the idea of making some giant cathedral windows for a giant quilt. 


  1. Good job!! I made a pillow sized cathedral window project several years ago, but never did anything with it. I'm wondering, do you put a binding on these quilts, or just leave as is? My mother left me a lot of background pieces ~ maybe I should give it another try, this time using the machine, and I like the idea of fusing the "windows". Splendid!!

  2. Beautiful! I've admired Cathedral Window designs, but have not tried it yet. Doesn't it feel great to finish an unfinished project?


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