Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quilting on the Scrappy Shirt Quilt ...

Remember the Scrappy Shirt Quilt Top? I put a border on it, I pieced a back for it, and I've started quilting it!

Here's a glimpse of the light blue border that goes all the way around.

Border on the scrappy shirt quilt top

For the back, I pieced a lot of 10-inch squares that were cut from shirts ... blues and grays ... along with a blue & white floral ...

Piecing the back of the shirt quilt

Actually, I sewed the blue floral "inside out" ... for a couple reasons: The more muted blue of the back of the fabric blended better with my shirt fabrics. And ... using the fabric this way reminds me of the Hawaiian-style shirts the waiters wore at my dad's restaurant a long, long time ago. When I was little, I was intrigued (and slightly disturbed) that those Hawaiian shirts were sewn "inside out" - with the bright side of the fabric on the inside, and the muted pastel look on the outside. 

The back of the shirt quilt - "inside-out" fabric

So ... I've started quilting ... 

Quilting the dress-shirt quilt

... and quilting ...

Quilting straight lines on the dress-shirt quilt

... and quilting ... 

Quilting the scrappy shirt quilt

... and quilting.

Quilting straight lines on the scrappy shirt quilt

Lots of straight(ish) lines. 
Next up: loopy, wavy lines in the open spaces.

Quilting the Scrappy Shirt Quilt nine-patches

More quilting to come. More pictures to come.
For now, this quilt is rolled up, looking cute ... 

Shirt Quilt Pieced back rolled up

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  1. What a neat note about your dad. I've used fabric inside out before, I seem to recall a border I put into one of DD's quilts had some garish print on it, but went reversed it just looked like puzzle pieces on a bluish purple - what we around here call blur-ple.


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