Friday, January 4, 2013

Floral Window Quilt

Many of my long-ago Christmas memories are from when we'd visit relatives at Christmastime. Where my grandparents lived was colder than where we lived, so sometimes they got SNOW! Some of my cousins lived where it was REALLY cold, and they ALWAYS got snow in the winter. 

I have a distinct memory of visiting my aunt, uncle, and cousins for Christmas one year, and being fascinated that my aunt had special window blinds that were quilted. They were burgundy, I think, and they must've rolled up, or been connected to some sort of Roman-shade hardware. I'm not sure. But they kept a lot of the cold out, and a lot of the warmth in. 

So, lately, I've been thinking about the window quilt idea ... thinking about how well-insulated the windows would be if they had a quilt for a shade at night ... thinking and working, checking out some quilt blogs that mention window quilts ... The results? A window quilt or two.

ProsperityStuff Window Quilt

I've had a few regular sheets and vintage sheets around, waiting to be made into quilty things. (Mostly given to me by people who know how much fun I'll have recycling them into something nifty. THANKS! You know who you are.) So, I got busy with a floral sheet - cut a bunch of squares, each with a flower in the corner ...

ProsperityStuff Window Quilt Top - assembling rows

... and sewed them into rows.

ProsperityStuff Window Quilt Top - sewn in rows

... and sewed the rows into a quilt top.

ProsperityStuff Window Quilt Top - made from floral sheet

I like it. (So do my girls. They quickly claimed this window quilt for their room! And, now, they're waiting on a quilt for their other window!)

ProsperityStuff Window Quilt Top

I love the florals! 

ProsperityStuff Window Quilt - floral sheet

Some of these flowers remind me of the sheets my grandmother always seemed to have on her bed. Especially the white daisies, for some reason.

ProsperityStuff Window Quilt - made from floral sheet

Since I wasn't ready to mess with a lot of blind/shade hardware yet, I just put a dowel through the top-loop of the window quilt, and rested the dowel on some curtain-rod hardware that was already on the window. Easy. Removable. Not complicated. I can take the quilt down anytime. I can remove the dowel and throw the quilt in the washer. Simple. Just right.

 ProsperityStuff Window Quilt

The kitten has claimed this spot in the girls' room. (Actually, the kitten has been trying out just about every quilt project I've made lately ... The kids think this is wonderful.)

ProsperityStuff Window Quilt with kitty

I did some loopy free-motion quilting between the flowers. (Regular batting. A piece of a plain white sheet for the backing.) It was relatively quick and easy, and I like it. 

ProsperityStuff Window Quilt free-motion quilting

The window quilt looks pretty good when the sun shines on it, too ...

ProsperityStuff Window Quilt in the sun

Side benefit: the quilt and the quilting actually look pretty good from outside the window, too. (No pics from the outside, but I like the way the sun hits it from the inside.)

ProsperityStuff Window Quilt with sunshine

So, I think this window quilt is a success. Plenty of light comes through during the day, but it's easily removed and rolled up, too. Very versatile.

ProsperityStuff Window Quilt with curtains

Aunt Kathy, if you're reading this, THANK YOU for the inspiration all those years ago in your Colorado house! I was impressed even then, and when I've thought lately about what a great idea that was, I've been impressed all over again. So, my window quilts make me think of you, too. :-)

I'll have pictures soon of the window quilt I made for the boys' room. No flowers on that one, needless to say!

I'm linking this post to this week's Finish It Up Friday at one of my all-time favorite quilt blogs: CrazyMomQuilts! It's always fun to see some things that other quilters have been finishing up!


  1. Very pretty! Love this idea. Beautifully done!

  2. I made one of those window quilts in the 1970s. there was a product called Warm Windows that we used. Mine was for our bedroom window that was probably 8 feet wide and 4 feet high. I remember having it spread out on the ping pong table for part of the operation.


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