Friday, September 14, 2012

Quilt Letters, again

So, I've been blogging about quilt-y letters here and here ...
And I'm making a few more letters. Here's a random assortment.

Crossword Quilt Alphabet Letters

I love the idea that these letters have no raw edges sticking out, and there are no rules for how you put them together, or how crazy they can look ... 

Crossword Quilt Letter Bs

But I still find it a little disturbing how unusual some of my letters end up looking ... and how not-alike the "same letter" can be ...

Crossword Quilt Letter Rs

Since I'm planning to put these letters into a crossword-puzzle-quilt, they're supposed to look unique and sort of handwritten. (Right?)

There. There's an "H" that looks a little more photogenic than some ...

Crossword Quilt Letter H

Here are some letters before being trimmed/squared up ...

Crossword Quilt Alphabet Letters - Before

And after getting nicely trimmed, they measure a nice, neat 2-and-a-half inches square:

Crossword Quilt Alphabet Letters - After

Still having fun with these!

Crossword Quilt Letter R

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