Thursday, August 2, 2012


Since I like to sew, I also like to collect fabric ...

And, a lot of the time, I find it fun to find fabric in unlikely places. 

So, this time, I brought home a stack of 50¢ shirts from the thrift store. 100% cotton, and the feel and weight of fabric I knew I'd love to sew! Fifty cents each, for what amounts to at least a yard of usable fabric in each shirt!

A run through the washer & dryer, and a bit of ironing, and I was able to get busy cutting! Lots of big squares for a project in tomorrow's blog post, and lots of little squares for something else ... not sure what.

And, the other fun thing about cutting up shirts is ... you get buttons! My two youngest kids had fun "sewing" the matching buttons onto strings so the sets of buttons stay together in the button box.

Oh, and, the funny thing about picking out 50¢ shirts at the thrift store ... I actually bought 6 shirts. They were all 100% cotton, in great condition, looked nice for sewing ... But when I got home, I realized that one of the shirts (actually, accidentally) fits me, and I love it! So, it's my new favorite shirt. For 50¢

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  1. I like your shirt purchase! Way to go. I'm heading to the thrift store today. Maybe I can score some plaids too.


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