Saturday, July 7, 2012

Orange Cannas

Last year, my lovely neighbor gave me some orange cannas. I'm loving them! 

One day, when I was messing around in my flowerbed, this neighbor was driving out her driveway. She saw me and asked, "You want some more flowers?"

Of course, I said yes!

The more flowers, the better ... right?

So, one weekend when she was working in her yard, she brought me a bunch of the plants she was dividing. There were several different kinds, among them these orange cannas.

(Reality check: Yes. Those are dandelions in the grass in the background. My little helpers still love to pick dandelions and bring them to me. The more, the better, right? I have a stash of tiny vases for whatever cute flowers my sweeties bring me.)

Some of the cannas bloomed last year. But this year, the flowers are stunning.

So far, I've had orange ones blooming ... but I recall some red ones last year, so I'm thinking I may get some red blooms from some of the other plants ... we shall see.

And, so far, these are very low-maintenance plants. Love that about them.

Seems like each stalk has a new flower almost daily. Amazing!

Oh - and see that tiny orange-red flower in the background on the left of this last picture? That's another one my neighbor gave me. Neither one of us knows what it is. Pictures of that one another day ...

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Rejoice in the Lord,
O ye righteous:
for praise is comely
for the upright.
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