Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brainstorming a Crossword Puzzle Quilt ...

So, I keep thinking I should try making a quilt that looks like a crossword puzzle. That would be fun. There are lots of ideas out there, and it sounds like a fun challenge.

Crossword Puzzle Quilt letters with Word Play Quilts book

And, remember my post about the Word Play Quilts book? It's got lots of great ideas for making patchwork words. Not complicated. Just a little time-consuming. Lots of fun, though. 

Word Play Quilts book by Tonya Ricucci

For a few weeks, I've been doing some brainstorming, graph-paper-jotting, and a bit of word-quilt-letter-sewing ... I'm thinking that probably a wallhanging would be a realistic start. So, now, I have to figure out how tall my letters would need to be to make it a reasonable size.

This crossword-puzzle-quilt letter A is about three inches tall:

Crossword Puzzle Quilt letter A

And this crossword-puzzle-quilt-letter A is about two inches tall:

Crossword Puzzle Quilt little letter A

IF this crossword puzzle quilt wallhanging idea works out, I'll try to post more about it. Probably in bits and pieces ... because IF it works out, it might become a Christmas gift. But, for now, this is all there is to see ... Hoping to share a few sneak peeks along the way ...

Crossword Puzzle Quilt 2 letter As

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Happy Tuesday!


  1. That sounds like a great idea. I had a pattern for a crossword puzzle quilt a while back, but didn't think of doing the letters with WordPlay. the directions I had were to stencil the letters - could be why I never did it

  2. Super cute idea!. The ones you are making are the perfect size for some crossword fun!

  3. I love the idea of it but boy i would dread the black and white squares. I'm sure youve already thought of this, but it would be really cool to make the shape of the wall hanging itself something other than square; shaped like a crossword without the black fill in squares, for example. An even more epic would be if you could cut out the inside "black block" squares and bind the space as an open hole!
    Sorry I just love the idea so much :P Good luck!

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