Friday, June 1, 2012

Green Hexagons

After being inspired by pictures of plain quilts with a few hexagons or circles stitched on, I decided to try my hand at something like that. (Just do a Google search for "modern hexagon quilt" and then click on "images" ... you'll see what I mean. Simple. Elegant.)

So ... I started getting hexagons ready: tacking fabric around cardstock hexagons. And I kept making more, and more, and more hexagons.

Yeah. That's a lotta hexagons.

I got busy ironing them. Taking out the cardstock. Ironing on some "Heat-n-bond" to make them into iron-ons.

This is the idea I'm going for - hexagons extending up one side of a big gray-green expanse. These hexagons aren't sewn on yet.The good news is, they're ready to sew on. After I iron them into place.

I've decided that this is a fun way to "piece" a quilt top. Feels too easy, since piecing is usually a matter of a ton of rotary-cutting and machine-sewing. This was a lot of scissor-cutting and hand-stitching. It's been fun, and it's a nice change.

We'll see if I'm still having fun when I machine-stitch all these hexagons down and then free-motion-quilt the big expanse of gray-green ...

Anyhoo, while I was on a roll, I decided I should ALSO start a similar one in another color scheme. More on that another day ...

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  1. Definitely a fun way to piece a top, but I thought you decided that a long time ago! I like the idea of scattering the hexagons up the side, it's very relaxed.


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