Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Flowers!

This year, I'm enjoying some flowers that are new to my gardens ... "Sweet Williams" - a type of Dianthus ...

Last year, I looked online for a place to buy cheap seeds, and I found, of all things, a website called - They had a few basic kinds of flower seeds, and they sold them cheap, by the thousands. Since I wanted lots of seeds, but only a few kinds, this was a great option.

Last year, I planted lots of flowers, so it didn't really matter that my Sweet Williams got lots of leaves but no flowers. I thought they were an annual flower, but it turns out, these must be more like a biennial: they're blooming profusely this year! (Oh. Wait. Just read more details on this variety: looks like it's a perennial in some locations. Works for me!)

These are tall, and bright, and I've got lots of them! All kinds of colors, too!

I'm definitely planning on planting more of these this year, so I'll have blooms like this early next spring, too! (Just in case these like to be biennials here. After all, I think my seed package of over 2,000 still has plenty left ...) 

Something else I did not expect: I've got multi-colored clumps of flowers. 
Who knew these could do that? Not I.

Fascinating. Love these!

I'm especially enjoying the multi-colored blooms. 

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He hath made
every thing
in his time ...
Ecclesiastes 3:11a
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