Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Carolina Panthers Jeans Quilt: Progress

Progress is happening on the Carolina Panthers Jeans Quilt (that I mentioned previously here). I got the appliqué edges all stitched with a tight zig-zag. 

ProsperityStuff Panthers Jeans Quilt layout

As I was debating what to do with the remaining bits of raggedy-appliqué edges, my older son came to the rescue with his pocketknife-scissors.

ProsperityStuff Panthers Jeans Quilt Detail

He was happy to help me by snipping some of the most glaring random-threads that were sticking out.

ProsperityStuff Panthers Jeans Quilt Trim

I had a stack of a bunch of pairs of black jeans, so I spent some time cutting and sewing this week. 

ProsperityStuff Black Jeans Quilt stack

I decided to cut 10-inch squares this time, which is bigger than my usual for jeans quilts. But for this quilt, I like the size.

ProsperityStuff Black Jeans Quilt

I was delighted to find a pair of thrift-store jeans that were already color-coordinated for this project! Black jeans, teal and white accents: perfect!

 ProsperityStuff Black Jeans Quilt accent

Details are always fun. Beaded jeans!

ProsperityStuff Black Jeans Quilt beads

I've got half of the quilt pieced, and the other half partially done. 
Here, the Panther is just laid on top of the quilt in the area where it belongs.

ProsperityStuff Jeans Panthers Quilt angle

I've got some plush fleecy black backing for this quilt that's going to be really nice. 
More details coming when I get more progress made!

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