Monday, February 6, 2012

Vintage-Inspired Edges

On my English Paper Piecing, I made one whole star this week. Yay. (Compared with a whole bunch of stars last week! Oh, well.)

On the bright side, though, I decided something important and got started on that: The edges. I decided what to do for the edges around the diamond-star-hexagons. More diamonds! (Big surprise, huh?) Diamonds in a bunch of different whites and creams.

I'm going for solids for the edges, no prints. I'm loving the subtle variations in texture and color. I think it works well with the vintage inspiration.

So, this week, I cut a ton of fabric diamonds in white and cream.

This is the perfect use for my stack of miscellaneous white and cream fabrics ... (In fact, a friend recently gave me some leftover bed sheets that nobody is using ... lots of white and cream. Wonderful! Just right for this project! And, I'm barely making a dent in the stack ... more projects in the works, as always!)

While I was at it, I cut some white and cream squares and rectangles for the continuation of my Leaders & Enders project ...

So, overall, I'm pleased with getting some progress made on the English Paper Piecing project. We'll just call it the "Vintage-Inspired" diamonds quilt, since the percentage of "actual" vintage in the project keeps changing ... but I'm totally OK with that, and I'm enjoying the look of this quilt already!

Quilty inspiration from other people's projects has made me a better quilter. I love to get ideas and inspiration from other people's work, and to share any tidbits I can. So ... when I can, I add links at the ends of some of my posts, to places where people are sharing their work. I'm linking this post to Little Quilt Monday and, when Tuesday comes, to Fabric Tuesday. (Links for this week are below.)

Elizabeth at PiecefulLife has a fun Little Quilt Monday link party every week. Check out this week's Little Quilt Monday for some other quilters' neat projects happening there. (You have got to see the little quilt Elizabeth blogged about this week - she made it from a Bobbin Lace Doily! Brilliant!)

Fresh Poppy Design
Here's the link for this week's Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story!


  1. wonderful quilt - I have never tried English Paper Piecing and I have seen so many that do - I must give it a try one day. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. This quilt has so much charm! Love all the soft colors you have selected (I went back and read last week's post too). Visiting from Little Quilt Monday. Debra


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