Monday, February 20, 2012

Organized Randomness ...

A while back, in another post about little quilts, I posted about the fun randomness of my yo-yo quilt project. 

Progress is happening, and I've found a way to organize the randomness just a little. 
Just enough to give it some consistency.

Oddly, if my calculations are correct, putting green yo-yos between each of the 16-patches will make the quilt take more green yo-yos than colored ones. I've got lots of green, though, thanks to a couple of great upcycled bed sheets that were recently given to me for my quilt projects ... Nice!

Another view of the same yo-yos ... 

Yeah, this project is going to take a while. 
Enjoying it, though!

I'm linking this post to this week's Little Quilt Monday at Pieceful Life. Take a look at some other fun little quilt projects happening over there!


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