Monday, January 23, 2012

Scout Fleece ...

A long time ago, we saw this Boy Scout fleece at the store. 'Round here, we have a Cub Scout who was eyeing the fleece & wanting one of those Boy Scout fleece blankets. (Boy Scouts turned a hundred years old in 2010, hence the 2010...)

But after a while, when the fabric went on sale, it turned out to be a really awesome deal. The future Boy Scout wanted one of those fleece blankets. Actually, both future Boy Scouts wanted one.

The fleece panel was 50" x 60" -- which is the EXACT size of a few solid-colored fleece throws I've got. Since the blanket would be sturdier and warmer with two fleece layers ... I decided to "quilt" the fleece layers together.

In addition to backing one blanket in blue, and one in brown, so they're easy to tell apart, I decided to add some iron-on letter patches with the boys' names. (Sewn on, too, so they don't fall off!) I was figuring I'd put the letters on the back, but when I asked my oldest son about them, he declared, "That is COOL!", and decided the name needed to be front and center. Right above the Scout logo. Perfect.

I like that the Boy Scout oath is around the edge (good stuff).
It's fun that the guys are planning to put their extra Scout badges (like the Cub Scout ones that they earn but can't wear on their Boy Scout uniforms when they move up) on their blankets, along with any other patches they deem appropriate to the blanket ...
I like that my almost-a-Boy-Scout has pronounced his blanket "COOL"! It's a high compliment from a boy his age.

Since Pieceful Life has a "Little Quilt Monday" link-party every week, and since this is kind-of-a-quilt, and it's kind-of-little, (or at least, it took just-a-little quilting) I'll suppose it qualifies. Check out the other neat projects at this week's Little Quilt Monday!


  1. Very cool! I think fleece blankets sure so cozy : ). I am sure your guys will enjoy them for years.


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