Friday, July 13, 2018

In between quilt-y things

Sometimes, my sewing is not very blog-able, but it's helpful and necessary.

Things like hemming shorts & jeans are (relatively) quick and easy, but don't make a very pretty blog post. Adding elastic to a kid's garment's waistline makes for a better fit, but a rather dull blog-mention.

Pocket-mending is not very photogenic, but it's pretty handy. Recently, I bought my teenager a great pair of pants in a hard-to-find size -- brand new, for just a dollar! (I love deals like that!)  But the pockets were only 2" deep. For those pants, good pockets were a must, so I un-sewed and re-sewed the pockets into a more useful size.


I love being able to stitch useful (even if "boring") things.

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