Friday, January 19, 2018

Knitting sock toes and heels

I have discovered the Three-Needle Bind-Off. This was eminently helpful in my sock-toe knitting last week. (I'm just not very good at Kitchener and Grafting methods of closing up toes, and those always turn out weird for me.)

Turning the sock inside out for the event was odd, but I managed.


Next came "afterthought heels", which were new for me, but worked out just fine. Actually, it was just like knitting the toe.

So, my latest new socks are finished! Last I checked, I've knitted something like 9 other pairs of socks; so this makes at least number 10!

The pattern was Geek Socks from Knitty ... I love the variation from the usual "plain" stripes in my self-striping sock yarn. The yarn is Spring Stripe from Red Heart "Heart & Sole". 

Self-striping sock yarn is my FAVORITE, but one of these days, I'm going to try some traditional stripes.

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