Saturday, June 24, 2017

Weather, 25 weeks in ...

This weather quilt has been lots of fun so far.
Each horizontal row represents a week, and the color of each segment is determined by that day's high temperature.

This is 25 weeks of weather, quilt-style, out of the 52+ weeks in a year. 

So far, it's been fun to watch the weather "trends" as illustrated in fabric. Lots of teal and blue and green early in the year; lots of yellow and orange now.

Since a variety of fabric is fun, and since I have (and occasionally purchase) lots of random bits of fabric, it made the most sense to use a color range (rather than one specific fabric print or solid) to represent each temperature range. 

I've cut a bunch of fun reds ... for the 100°+ days that are sure to come in July and August. That kind of weather is not my favorite, but I am looking forward to the interest it will add to the middle of my temperature quilt!

My original calculations had this quilt ending up longer than it is wide. But from the looks of this part of the quilt (almost half a year), it's looking like it'll be about 90" square when it's done. Not a bad size. But I may add some tall borders to the top and bottom (maybe a black piano key border?) to give it another 10 or 12 inches of length. We shall see ...

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