Saturday, July 20, 2013


Another weekend post about flowers ...

A couple years ago, I decided that I must need some kind of regular lilies. This year, I'm pleased to have some!

After all, I'd thought about the fact that I had irises that bloomed early, and cannas that bloomed late. During that "empty space" when none of my big flowers were blooming, I noticed that other people had lilies blooming. 

One day last year, one of my kids showed up from our little bit of woods with an orange lily. She said that one of her older siblings had told her, "Take this to Mom - she will LOVE it!!" True enough - the kids knew that if there was an awesome flower in the woods, Mom would show up to dig it up and put it in the flower bed!

Are these called Daylilies or Tiger Lilies? I'm never sure, but I like them! 


  1. This is a daylily; tiger lilies have petals that curl back with little black dots on them. I hope this didn't sound bossy :)

    1. Ah! Great to know - thanks for filling me in on that detail! The reason I asked is that I've never been sure which is which, so, thank you!


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