Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cannas Blooming!

I love these canna flowers that are blooming right now!

I mentioned these cannas on my blog last year, mostly here and here.

I love that my neighbor shared some of her cannas (and other flowers!) with me. And I was glad when I had the chance to divide some last year and share with a friend.

I love the bright, cheery, ABUNDANT flowers, and I love the tons of BIG leaves!

Since I have some red and some orange cannas, I'm now eyeing the yellow cannas I see in other people's yards ... might have to get some of those, too!

Cannas seem to love the weather here. I love the fact that, as "big flowers" go, these are among the easiest flowers I've ever had ... plant them, water them, leave them alone, and that's about it. Nice.

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