Friday, October 26, 2012

Crossword Puzzle Quilt still in the works

Progress is happening on the Crossword Puzzle Quilt that I've mentioned before ... (Check the "Crossword Puzzle Quilt" label in my sidebar to see all the posts on this topic.)

Crossword Puzzle Quilt Letters

I finished all the dozens of letters I needed to make. So fun! 
There was a bit of a dilemma figuring out how to make the little quilt look crossword-puzzleish without looking boring, or being impossible to sew.

Crossword puzzle quilt letters sewn together

I decided to stitch a tiny, folded piece of black fabric between letters. I ended up taking a 3/4" wide piece of fabric, folded so that it's 3/8" when folded. I just stuck the folded piece between the two letters that were being sewn together. Since I needed something that would make a line between letters, but not add width to them, this worked out fine. It's so tiny that I can just press it flat to the side, and it barely sticks up.

Crossword Puzzle Quilt background

I had a couple black print fabrics, along with the black dot fabric I used for the letters, plus a black pinstripe cut from a shirt ... So I'm using those for the black background-space. I want it to look crossword-puzzle-like, so these mostly-black fabrics work well. But I also want this to look patchwork-quilty, so I'm pleased with the look of the fabrics together.

Still just showing sneak-peeks of this one, since it might be a gift, if it turns out the way I want it ...

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